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We only sell the best German Hot dog sausages and we have them made for us in Germany. Our supply deal means we only get the best cuts of meat and have in place a fully traceable system so we know there is never anything in them than what you would expect from the very best.

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All the listed Prices are for a full hot dog with all the topping to make the one you order.

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Our care

You can be sure when you buy from us that you are buying from the best.

Everyone knows that the Germans make the best sausages. We source our delicious smoked Brockwurst sausages from a small family firm located in the beautiful Hart z mountain region of Saxony. German purity laws dictate that sausages should not contain cereals, bread or artificial colours. Vacuum packed for long storage, our sausages contain a minimum 85% meat, no mechanically recovered meat, no mystery meat. Our hot dog sausages come fully cooked.

We do not aloe GM or MRM meat in our products we also fully comply with every law that is in place for food Hygiene Safety in Europe. There are lots of Companies out there that will try and make a fast buck cut corners and don t really care what they sell but we are different as we want you to enjoy you Hot Dog so much that you will buy another one next time you see Americanos.


Our Brand is growing fast and more and more people are getting to know the great value and taste of Americanos Hot Dogs this is not just good for all the customers but also for the Brand as it grows around the world. 

At Americanos, we pride ourselves on the consistent quality of our delicious Hot-Dogs.  Served in a soft freshly baked roll with our special onions. We add great tasting relish and leave you to add the mustard.

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